22 Desember 2009

award for YOU!!

hey blogger ! how are you?!
okay tomorrow I've mention from kak fika Sweet Escape
for her new post! OMG, she's really make me smile and happy know that! she's gimme award for me :) thankyou kak! thankyou!
and i want tell you for

7 fact about me.

1. slow music : I always listen slow music before i sleep. slow music can bring me to dream land ha-ha :) wanna try?

2. food : i don't like lobster, vegetable and sushi so much! and see food except crab :) i like everything chocolate .

3. drink : i don't like soda especially coke but i like pepsi :) *weird, but that's the truth* i like mineral water . that's really important for your body!

4. elementary school : collection barbie and princess is my hobby! i would cry if my mom did not buy a barbie or princess doll for me . maybe scream . and if you go to my home , you will see so many of my barbie collection that i bought since playgroup in Kidzsatation. (kids store, you know that store? i think yea!!)

5. model : i that's my dream :) model i love : Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr for sure! OMG, jealous with Gisele and Miranda . hope you know who Gisele and Miranda . ha-ha . and i like Irina Kulikova and Gala Gonzalez too!! too obsessed with Gala Gonzalez. hope next time i can be a model :) hopefully

6. Connor Paolo or Freddie Highmore? choose one!!! : I CAN'T they're really cute and OMG (melted) hahah be my boy Connor and Freddie :) hahha i can't choose. what do you think?

7. Audrey Hepburn : I'm your biggest fans Audrey. Audrey please hear me!!! (fanatic) ha-ha I've Audrey photos since little girl. i heart Audrey Hepburn and little bit Grace Kelly. ha-ha

that's all :)
and this award i wanna give too for :
1. Kak Fika - Sweet Escape
2. Kak Regina - Regina And The Coffee Shop
3. Kak Sabila - Pastel Girl
4. Fashion Wh0re - Fashion Whore
5. Gala Gonzalez - Inside Am-lul's Closet

20 Desember 2009

i can't come . sorry

sorry really soorrry :'(
actually i want come in 2nd annual blogger meet up. but I've plan before that.
OMG, i want come . please -,- but i can't come :'(
huh! sorry .

and i got bad news, Brittany Murphy gone ;'( good bye. deep heartless

the best of the best by ME!

new year coming, and I'm just write the best of the best in 2009 by Canny Andromeda. let's see :)

5 best song :
1. empire state of mind
2. i gotta feeling
3. poker face
4. celebration
5. love story

5 best movie :
1. transformers 2
2. this is it
3. new moon
4. avatar
5. harry potter 6

5 best girl :
1. emma watson
2. britney spears
3. megan fox
4. dakota fanning
5. the olsen twins

5 best boy :
1. shia labeaof
2. chace crawford
3. michael jackson
4. zac efron
5. connor paolo

5 best model :
1. gisele bundchen
2. miranda kerr
3. chanel iman
4. irina kulikova
5. heidi klum

5 best style :
1. vintage
2. edgy
3. casual
4. ladylike
5. retro

5 TV show :
1. 90210
2. the vampire diaries
3. gossip girl
5. friends

5 best book :
1. ingo
2. magnificent
3. twilight saga
4. the sartorialist
5. eat pray love

5 best couple :
1. robert-kristen
2. pen-blake
3. orlando-mirnada
4. taylor swift-taylor lautner
5. bard-angelina

5 best blogger :
1. Sweet Escape
2. Pastel Girl
3. Hot chocolate and mint
4. inside amlul closet
5. miss onic

that all :) what do you think?
please leave comment yeaaa

19 Desember 2009

Keira Knightley

okay, readers i watch Pirates Of The Caribbean dead man chest, again, again and again, never bored. waaaks . ahaha and i really proud of keira knightley face! swear ;))

(she look like princess. right?)

(classy but elegant. fab!)

(Audrey Hepburn wannabe)

see? how cute Keira ;) i like her sooooo much . like Audrey Hepburn right?
readers, you must listen Angela Little-By the Boab Tree. OST. Australia :)
maybe i wanna put Keira Knightley (inspire me) maybe. what do you think?

16 Desember 2009

Christmas please faster .

readers , can't wait Christmas really and new year .
OMG, good bye 2009, welcome 2010.
i never forget story in 2009. my friends, my love, my problem, my family and so so so many (i can't talk in here)
but, i love 2009. i want new me in 2010, forget about problem in 2009.
i heart 2009
and talk about Christmas, maybe my dad can't change my cellphone . because I've bad report. not bad ya. but my score (mathematics) is very very very HORRIBLE. 60!!
OMG, i can't believe. huh, bored with my 5730 -,-
yea, in 2010, i wanna change my bad score!!!!

i want take picture my Christmas tree, but not now. still wait my Christmas tree ya
can't wait holiday with my family . wow , where?! puncak? Bali? or?! okay, still wait my mom and dad.
CONGRATULATION for my best friends, Soraya and Della. have good rank!
and for all GGGBCDs (ha-ha) heart!!!!!!!!!
Thank You, Natasha Diva for Lady GaGa The Fame. love yaa. (actually i want The Fame Monster, jealous with Gita!)

Invasion : Fanya Runkat
Here We Go Again : Heny Stephanie
Turn It Up : Soraya Daniella
Lady GaGa The fame Monster : Rityasiwi Gita
Fergie As The Duchess : Delvina Patricia
Lady GaGa The Fame : Canny Andromeda (me)
For Your Entertainment : Natasha Diva (her album not in here ha-ha)

This all picture, photographed by : Heny Stephanie. Hey, thanks dear!

Thank You too for Gala want reply my e-mail.
Thank You too for GGGBCDs for 1 semester with you all.
Thank You too for Lita-Ivony-Nessa for, yea wanna hear my story. they're best : )
Thank You too for Patricia Purba for, spend time with you.
Thank You for my enemy! forever and ever for make problem with me
and, Thank You all . LOVE


(what do you think about this thing?)

(girl thing ha-ha)

(Diva, you talk with?)

(Della, what are you doing?)


readers, okay today I've open my friendster . hahah . OMG, my friendster , i miss : )
my friendster : WITH NO FRIENDS REQUEST 100% !!!!!
my friendster : WITH NO COMMENT 100% !!!!!
and today MAKE OVER friendster ;)
ha-ha . with old primary picture . ooh , love .
FYI, friendster is first social networking i have . really!
ha-ha wanna see my friendster?
please add me and leave gimme comment yeaaa :)

Ebony Afters by Diana Rikasari

the most famous fashion blogger from Indonesia, Diana Rikasari
Diana Rikasari collaborated with Bloop Endorse, one of local clothing store in Indonesia . the first collection is named ebony afters . sequin blouse, lacey dress, triple-layer collar dress, cut-off loose t-shirt, see-through tops, jumpsuit, colourblock blazer, studded blazer, and printed legging. okay, maybe next time i can buy that! (not all)
it's already out now!

Ebony Afters available at:

Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 22, Jakarta Selatan

Jl. Tebet Utara Dalam No. 5, Jakarta Selatan

Jl. Jatiwaringin Raya A/5, Jakarta Timur

or online-shop them at

or contact their call center at

let's shopping : DDD

15 Desember 2009

quote of the day

"Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."
Forrest Gump

14 Desember 2009

Pixie Lott and GaGa

readers, okay i want Turn It Up, Pixie Lott album . ooohh i want it ;) (gimme that for my Christmas present please?) she's have a good song and cute face (Audrey still number one yea) okay, and GaGa for The Fame Monster. Aaaah, i want too!!! (but, i can get this from Diva) yeaa. And Fanya will give me Audrey Hepburn movie, Roman Holiday. AWWWWW!!! (kalo Breakfast at tiffany's sih gue udah nonton) Aoaoaoao
aoa, gime turn it up for Christmas present. ha-ha. heart Pixie Lott and GaGa!!

Pixie Lott

Lady GaGa

12 Desember 2009


readers, I'll change my blog name (again) maybe. So............ good bye my sartorial. I'll miss sartorial

am i princess? LOL

readers, lost in 1 day. ha-ha, I'm too lazy and bored. but you know, today i go shopping with mom. OMG, i love this. okay, see what new on my blog? my header blog!!! yea!! fabulous :---)
okay, sttooopppp talking, let's discuss my tittle :)
am i princess is my tittle for my post. okay, I'm just play with plastic tiara from princess doll. and my brother take pic when i use that tiara! (I'm barbie and princess collector)
this is my picture. LOL :----))
see? crazy LOL. hahaha I'm not princess. 100% not!!
readers.... if you barbie/princess collector like me, you can see my collect.
okay, enough, bye readers. love

10 Desember 2009


bored level 1000000
happy birthday Delvina Patricia
sorry, i can't come to your birthday at pizza hut.
really, big sorry Dell.
my gift waiting just for you : )
wish you all the best

simple night by me!!!

readers, second post for today. ha-ha. last night, there was a prayer together . neighbors came to my house . and i wear gray shirt and black skirt. never forget necklace and bracelet :)

okay, that's picture last night :----) and this is my second picture

that's all. what do you think? ha-ha. bye. love you

8 Desember 2009

do that.

readers, i made new project (lol) about Audrey Hepburn. ha-ha. don't think about this post dude! just for fun ha-ha.
okay readers, that's my project (lol) and i this my photo after do Audrey Hepburn project (lol) ha-ha!!
that's all. bye readers! i wait for my report (school) dag-dig-dug. wish me luck.
i'll change my cellphone.


Gisele Bundchen Pict. awesome